Make More Money At The Bar

Your bar should be a destination for whisky lovers.

Whisky sales have grown exponentially across the world in the last decade. Independent distillers, a growing interest in Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey and Bourbon, and countless books, blogs and magazines have created a new golden era of Whisky.

If you’re not making a significant amount of money from whisky sales at your bar, it’s not because people aren’t drinking. It’s because your people aren’t selling it.

We can train you or your staff to become the most respected whisky experts in your city.

Our training imparts an extensive knowledge of whiskies around the world, coaches in the art of storytelling and public speaking, and illuminates the fine and subtle art of marketing upscale products like fine whiskies.

Whisky is not just another line item on your menu.

Whisky is glamor and history.

Watch your establishment become a destination for local whisky lovers and out of town aficionados.

Become part of an old and storied tradition of whisky lovers and whisky merchants.

In one class, we can give you a broad understanding of whisky and the skills to talk about it with passion.

In four classes, you’ll become the go-to expert in your city with a presence and presentation that people will travel to see.