Day Twenty in the Whisky Advent Calendar

*In this series, I’m working my way through the 2015 Master of Malt Whisky Advent. I had surgery in the middle, so we’re behind on the official dates.

isle-of-jura-elixir-12-year-old-whiskyWe’re back on Jura! This time it’s an age statement whisky from Jura called “Elixir”.


I’ve already covered the Isle of Jura in my review of their “Superstition” Expression.

Instead, I’ll just let you watch this awesome video that Jura Whisky produced about their island.


First impressions are that it’s going to taste like everything I love about Island whisky. A bit fruity, nice wood notes, and hints of smoke and salt.

The taste is no different. The first sip is all fruit. It’s the kind of fruit that bursts in your mouth when you bite into it. Something like a plum or a red grape (sweet not bitter) would be the closest I come to explaining it.

Then, right in the middle, the oak wood shows up and brings the salt with it.

As you swallow, you’re left with a kind of dryness in your mouth like you get from a red wine with heavy tannins.

It’s extremely balanced, easy to drink, has no sharp edges, and just enough character to be interesting but not abrasive.

I’ll be keeping this in the vault. No question.