Kate Van Name

kate van name photoThe natural order of things fascinates, disarms, and excites the senses.  Whether Kate Van Name is sipping a single malt scotch or conducting a business meeting, she draws inspiration and energy from nature – admiring the ebb and flow and artistry.  She is the ever curious and ever vigilant voice of a skilled workforce through natural process – linking knowledge, creativity, and real technique. 

Kate looks at the client’s world like tasting a whisky flight – from the inside out and the outside in.  She identifies the unique qualities and innovative ideas to add to and create success.  To grow opportunities, Kate consistently builds and support symbiotic relationships to assist business and professional communities. By partnering with diverse thought leaders, she celebrates the abundance of talent and addresses some of business’ most pressing issues by finding the fundamental critical elements and building from there. Challenged to turn complexity into simplicity in the Credentialing world, she knows that every day is a test that cannot be failed.  That acceptance to lead the way finds the best in all that take the journey with her.

 Honored to be an advisor to The Whisky Academy, Kate embraces and encourages critical evaluation of every note, observation, and experience.  The pursuit of being a whisky aficionado is worthy of study and refinement and much like a whisky tasting, it is always changing, always evolving, and always leaving you wanting more.  That simple natural order of things encourages a community to share in the Whisky Experience.