Level One: September 25-26, 2017


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History and Practical Knowledge of the primary whisky regions from around the world including the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Japan (written test requiring 75% passing grade)
Public Speaking and Storytelling
Palate competency training and deductive tasting

Part 1 The World of Whisky
A discussion of whiskies made across the world. You will hear the history, learn the stories, and taste the end results. When you walk away, you will be able to hold a knowledgeable discussion with any whisky drinker anywhere in the world.

Part 2 The Art of Public Speaking
We will teach you the fine art of getting and holding attention, storytelling, and creating a confident presentation of the deep, broad knowledge you hold in your head. Passing on the passion and romance of whisky is all about stories.

Part 3 Marketing of Upscale Products
How do you sell upscale products or services, especially in our changing economy? The same way successful people always have: with language that has a sense of glamor, mystery, and magic; with messaging that doesn’t just tell people “what,” or “how,” but strongly communicates “why.” We will take you through this section focused on writing and communicating the glamor of whisky.

Part 4 Deductive Tasting

We introduce you to the science and art of deductive tasting. You will use these fundamentals to being building a catalog of whisky scents, tastes, and historical palate references.