Whisky and Sherry – One Day Class


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~Yesterday’s Sherry and Today’s Whiskey~

From Spain to Speyside

From Bodegas to Distilleries

From Soleras to Single Malts

From Botas to Bottles

The historical roots and relationship between sherry and whisky runs deep.

Some of your favorite whiskeys use Sherry Barrels to create that magical finish to a grain spirit. Scotland and Ireland are kings of this, but American whiskey Makers are beginning to explore what happens to whiskey in a Sherry barrel. 

This is our chance to explore sherry and discover exactly what it adds to the flavor and smell of your favorite whiskey.

Come hear, see, smell and taste the styles of sherry and their impact on the world of whiskey with wine and whisky Sommelier Erik Wait at the Wizard Academy.

In this unique class you will learn about the history and production of Sherry wine while sampling Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado and Pedro Jimenez sherries. You will then get to sample Scotch, Indian, American Malt whiskies as well Bourbon aged / finished in all four styles of sherry casks.

We will be doing this event in the Wizard’s Tower on Campus. We’ll also be limiting the class size to 20.

Thursday, January 13, 2022
1PM-3PM history of sherry + tasting,
3PM-5PM – for whiskey tastings and comparisons
Wizard Academy
16221 Crystal Hills Dr
Austin, TX 78737

Dave Young