Whisky Tasting Book


A customized, hand-stamped whisky book using Moleskine journals. Tasting notes based on the Whisky Wheel created by Charles MacLean.

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We’ve created a hand-stamped whisky book using Moleskine journals. Half of the pages have the tasting wheel, categories of smells and flavors, and areas for whisky details. The other half are blank so you can take notes.

The wheel is based on the Whisky Tasting Wheel designed by Charles MacLean. But we’ve added in graduated dots to the wheel to allow you to mark the levels of impact a flavor has in a whisky. Once you’ve selected dots around the whisky wheel and connected them, you have a visual¬†constellation¬†that allows you to remember the general “shape” of that whisky as compared to other whisky you’ve tried before.

Watch the Making of a Journal