World of Whisky – Bastard’s Ball Edition


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Special Edition Whiskey Tasting

Saturday, October 16th at 3:00pm CT

This is a micro version of our World of Whisky Level One Whisky Somm course. And it’s by invitation only for those who are coming to the Bastard’s Ball.

Which means, if you clicked a link that brought you to this page, you’re invited.

What makes this a special edition tasting?

Vice Chancellor, Zac Smith, will take you through portions of the curriculum we use to train Whisky Sommeliers. Which will include two blind trio tastings. And then we’re going to do something normally not included.

After the “class” portion of the tasting, we’ll pilgrimage to the vault and you’ll have a wish granted. One pour of ANY whiskey in the Vault.

What would you like to taste?

Nothing will be off-limits. If it’s in the Vault, you can try it.


* The science of tasting and brain categorization

* Deductive Tasting as applied to whisky

* The art of smelling, tasting, and evaluating whisky

* A toe dip into the art of powerful whiskey communication

We’re limiting this class to no more than 25 people. So signup early to guarantee your spot.

Pricing is per person.

1.5 Hours
2 Trio Tastings
1 Pour of Any Whiskey in the Vault.

Saturday, October 16th at 3:00pm CT