Steve Rae

Steve Rae Headshot

Engaging the audience with storytelling and proper speaking techniques is what Steve offers students of the Whisk(e)y Marketing School. Owning and operating Radio stations was his business until 2011 when he and his wife Carolyn sold the stations and retired from day to day business life.

Now, consulting businesses on how to advertise more effectively keeps him engaged as a Wizard of Ads partner.

As one of the conceivers of the wildly popular Rotary Club of Stratford’s Scotch Mist, he has seen the growth of this tasting and pairing dinner grow to capacity and willingly shares the key ingredients for successful events with any service club that would like to replicate the success of Stratford.

His heritage is Scottish, and he has spent abundant time in Scotland sampling whisky in many of the different regions.  But as a Level One Whisky Sommelier he has discovered the unique flavours of Bourbon and other fine regions of whisky producers and now happily makes many recommendations besides his favourite Scotch Whiskies.